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I am Nelly, a certified French teacher, and a certified DELF DALF examiner at all levels. I helped +1500 French learners all over the world with my engaging & modern teaching methods

Are you ready to finally speak French ?

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Learning a foreign language doesn’t have to be scary, embarrassing or boring. My team & I will teach you to enjoy the language-learning process so that you can feel proud and self-confident

Speak french with confidence

You will learn not to be afraid to express yourself in French thanks to my proven pedagogy.

Boost your fluency 

Make your personal and professional conversations more fluid.

Change your life

Explore French culture by mastering its language and his refinement.

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"Thank you Alice ! As both a professor and a psychologist, I understand the importance of precise language and careful teaching methods. I have been studying French for over 20 years and started working with Alice to further improve my speaking, writing, and listening skills. My classes with her have been superb. She is a very patient teacher who gives detailed feedback. She also takes the time to create exercises tailored to areas that I need to improve. In addition to the classes being enriching, they are brilliant fun and usually the hour flies by. Thank you, Alice, for the wonderful classes!


Throughout the last months I’ve been taking French lessons with Elise. The progress I’ve had on my oral and writing skills, in just a few months, has been enormous. Due to that reason, I highly recommend Elise and her creative way of teaching that adapts to the necessities and schedules of her students ensuring a prompt learning evolution. Her commitment and love to her work and languages ensures a fun and solid learning. She teaches with various creative material which helps to improve language skills. I enjoyed learning French with her and would love to take her lessons again in the future. I would highly recommend her to all French learners. Merci beaucoup Elise!”

USA New-York

" I have been Nelly’s student for a little over a year now. Nelly is an amazing teacher who is very kind and patient. She is an ultimate professional and takes her role as an educator very seriously. Nelly is very passionate about the French language and culture, and it transcends in her lessons which are always engaging and informative. The lessons are curated to my interest andneeds. Nelly is interesting and well-rounded and can hold her own on any topic,be it literature, music, philosophy, or current events. Nelly also has a great sense of humor and makes learning the language easy and fun. I feel like I’ve made a tremendous progress ever since I started taking lessons with Nelly and consider myself very lucky to have her as my professor. I look forward to continuing this amazing learning journey.“

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