Conversation sessions

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Join our weekly French conversation sessions : put your language skills into practice !

Weekly conversation sessions are an opportunity to practice your French in a small group in a friendly atmosphere, to meet other french learners  from all around the world, supervised by a certified teacher.

Our weekly conversation sessions will help you improve your vocabulary, fluency, and gain more confidence when speaking the language.

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A friendly atmosphere  that makes you feel comfortable

Small groups that allows you to speak in French

A certified teacher to help you, support you and send you notes at the end

Two weekly sessions

Take a coffee, a tea, your smile, and come practice your French in a friendly atmosphere

Book your seat for the next session

Session 1: Intermediate learners

A group for intermediate learners (A2-B1)

Session 2: Advanced learners

A group for advanced learners (B2-C1)


Conversation sessions
Experienced teachers

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Hello I'm Nelly !


Hello, I'm Alice !


Hello, I'm Elise !

What our students say about us


I am glad that I found this group with Alice, it has been very helpful. I am grateful to Alice for being so patient; bringing materials and resources that will benefit us. I am happy to add the French conversation sessions to my french journey!


“I'm glad I found this group. It is really helpful to improve your french. Our teacher Nelly is wonderful and really patient with us. Also, we come to know people of different cultures from different parts of the world ! Everyone, including our teacher,is really friendly here. »


Conversations essions are great experience for me.... learning a different language is hardif we don't  makes it easyto practice French with people from all over the world..... Thanks to Elise forguiding us with patience and care... It's an amazing way to practice French.

The Philippines

“I really like conversation session because they make me exposed more to the language. There are a lot of activities and conversations that I have fun guessing the meaning. My favorite topics is the cinema/musique part because i like hearing people tall about the movies or music that they enjoy. Our teachers,Nelly and Alice are also really supportive and patient and so is everyone else in the conversation sessions”.


“Conversation sessions is the opportunity to enhance and improve our french skills as it offers direct communication and discussions in french language on varioustopics with all the participants: quizzes, zoom sessions, exercises, casual discussion, and question/answers which help a great deal in improving frenchlanguage skills. Lastly, and most importantly, Nelly is an amazing person andguide who ensures that there is active engagement in all levels, and she offerstips and corrections whenever there is need for them. Joining and participatingconversation session has been a brilliant experience thus far and I hope tomake the most out of it.”


“I really like this group because we learn by communicating live with other persons and correct each other when we are wrong. Also it's fun to understand and memorize words or structures in context (either movies, music  or books) “