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👋 I am the creator of Français avec Nelly, a certified French teacher, and a certified DELF DALF examiner at all levels.

📍 I have lived in Paris for 4 years and come from Toulouse ("la ville rose") in the south of France.

🤳 I love creating fun & educational French language social media content.

I have two bachelor's degrees in philosophy and cultural project management, as well as a master's degree in teaching French from the University of Paris.

5 fun facts about me :

1) I am a travel addict!

I had the chance to discover Montreal, New-York, Europe (Italy, Spain, Greece, Hungary...), Thailand, the Dominican Republic, French islands like Reunion and Martinique, as well as Mauritius. I spent a week in Scotland, a few days in Turkey, in Morocco too. But I am never tired  visiting my country, because even a lifetime would not be enough.

2) I like Formula 1

I know, it may sound weird. But I don't miss a single Grand Prix. I was lucky enough to witness the victory of French pilote Esteban Ocon at the Hungarian grand prix in 2021 and give him a high five.
I am a groupie, don't judge me.

3) I watch way too much TV.

My favorite French series are Dix pour Cent, Le Bureau des Légendes and Family Business. Check them out! They are entertaining and a fun way to learn French.

4) I am a food lover

I like to try all types of food. Some of my favorite foods are Japanese, Italian, Thai and Argentinean. I love to cook too. I spend a lot of time on it.

5) I ran an half marathon

It was the most intense sporting experience of my life. I hated running, I prepared myself in 3 months. I succeeded, and since then I stopped running. But I practice climbing, swimming and hiking.

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👋 My name is Alice and I teach French as a Foreign Language.

I achieved my Master’s Degree in teaching at the University of Orléans, the native city of Jeanne d’Arc. Before, I had my literary baccalaureate and I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish Language and Hispanics civilizations.

📍 During my studies I spent every other year abroad: first as a student in Spain and then as a teacher in Italy and Croatia.

In one hand, I love to talk about my lifestyle and to explain my language. In the other hand, I also love to learn from the others. It allows me to compare a lot of things and to adopt new ways of looking at the world… Because I think that we never stop learning!

5 fun facts about me:

1) I can’t stop taking pictures :

I like travelling and when I visit a new place or when I go for a walk in nature, I always bring my camera with me. Landscapes, flowers, animals, … I like to spot the details and immortalize them.

2) I volunteered…

From the age of 15 in a library and in others occasions to help children with their homeworks.

3) I am greedy

As a good French person, I like food so much but I have a particular passion for the French patisserie… And everything with chocolate, dark chocolate please!  

4) I prefer the mountain

I come from a very flat region in the center of France but I love the mountain. Now that I’ve lived in mountainous regions, I can't do without it... When I don't see relief anymore, I miss it!  

5) I teach and learn

I am fluent in Spanish, Italian, I have a good level of English and I am learning Croatian. During my studies I first wanted to be a translator. For me, being able to speak more languages and to make texts, cultures and ideas accessible to the others is a treasure.

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👋 My name is Elise and I am a certified French teacher, graduated from the University of Paris, the famous capital of France ! 

📍 I am currently living in Ireland, more precisely in Galway where I'm also teaching, but I'm still very attached to my native country and all the food it offers (croissant, pain au chocolat, cheese... we all know ;) )

🌎 I also love to explore the world, and I had the chance to live in England, in Croatia and in the USA during my studies. I really appreciate being able to open my mind to other countries and cultures

5 fun facts about me

1) I love to travel

I had the chance to travel since I’m young with my parents and now I can discover the world by myself, making my own experiences ! Now, my next travel project is Canada !

2) Ireland

I have discovered this country 6 years ago and I felt that I wanted to live there. Since that moment I have worked very hard for my dream happens (especially to learn English). 6 years later with always the same dream in mind, I’m finally settled in Ireland

3) People with disabilities

I know that I want to teach since I’m young. But few years ago I discovered work with people with disabilities. This is a work which asks patience, kindness and caring. Finally, this is exactly the same as teaching a language, except that you are teaching little ways of life

4) Nature

I love nature ! Maybe that’s why I like Ireland so much. I enjoy to be able to hear the sound of the wind, to observe animal’s life, it helps to be in harmony with myself.

5) Literature

I have a passion for books and especially French Literature. My favourite author is Charles Baudelaire, but I’m actually learning Irish poetry right now, and I found William Butler Yeats incredible !

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