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You are tired of not making progress in French, you feel blocked in speaking, you are afraid of failing an exam, you don't understand French grammar, you feel demotivated...

I have met hundreds of learners like you. And I have understood, through my experiences, how I can help you. There are three keys to progress: have a defined goal, have confidence in yourself, practice as much as possible.

My team and I offer you more than a simple course, we help you to learn & speak French with confidence thanks to our method. We help you to progress on the 4 skills: improving your grammar, increasing your vocabulary, making your oral expression fluent, sharing French culture.

Learning French with us is the guarantee of receiving quality courses, given by friendly, efficient and competent teachers who will offer you personalized courses adapted to your needs.

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Customized courses according to your needs

Focus on oral expression: being able to communicate confidently in French is most important

Native, qualified, passionate and university-certified teachers

"We believe that learning French can be simple, effective and fun with personalized guidance and an adapted method."

Our methodology

Learning French can be simple, effective and fun with personalized guidance and an adapted method

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1. A communication based method

Communication is at the center of our teaching method.  To be at ease in speaking and to express yourself with fluency in order to be understood is the objective of learning a living language. We offer you personalized exercises that will allow you to improve your grammatical, lexical and oral expression skills while reaching your objective.

2. Custom courses to reach your objectives

Each student is unique, with his or her own objective. Whether you want to improve your French for pleasure, take an exam like the DELF, DALF or TCF, improve your phonetics, work on grammar, learn more about French culture...Our team of native and certified French teachers is ready to guide you. 

Our method adapts to all objectives:
- overcoming your oral blocks
- Preparation for an exam (delf, dalf, tcf)
- French for business
- Deepen your knowledge of French culture

3. Native and certified teachers

We are a team of three native French teachers, passionate about our profession and French culture. We have the teaching experience that allows us to guide you in your learning process. Learning French with the teachers of our team is the guarantee of receiving quality courses, given by friendly, efficient and competent teachers The friendly atmosphere is very important to us, learning is done in a fun and good mood.  Our teachers will give you confidence in yourself.

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Hello I'm Nelly !


Hello, I'm Alice !


Hello, I'm Elise !

What our students say about us


I have been Nelly’s student for a little over a year now. Nelly is an amazing teacher who is very kind and patient. She is an ultimate professional and takes her role as an educator very seriously. Nelly is very passionate about the French language and culture, and it transcends in her lessons which are always engaging and informative. The lessons are curated to my interest and needs.

Nelly is interesting and well-rounded and can hold her own on any topic, be it literature, music, philosophy, or current events.

Nelly also has a great sense of humor and makes learning the language easy and fun. I feel like I’ve made a tremendous progress ever since I started taking lessons with Nelly and consider myself very lucky to have her as my professor.

I look forward to continuing this amazing learning journey.


Throughout the last months I’ve been taking French lessons with Elise.

The progress I’ve had on my oral and writing skills, in just a few months, has been enormous. Due to that reason, I highly recommend Elise and her creative way of teaching that adapts to the necessities and schedules of her students ensuring a prompt learning evolution.

Her commitment and love to her work and languages ensures a fun and solid learning.  She teaches with various creative material which helps to improve language skills. I enjoyed learning French with her and would love to take her lessons again in the future. I would highly recommend her to all French learners.

Merci beaucoup Elise!


"Merci Alice. As both a professor and a psychologist, I understand the importance of precise language and careful teaching methods. I have been studying French for over 20 years and started working with Alice to further improve my speaking, writing, and listening skills. My classes with her have been superb.

She is a very patient teacher who given detailed feedback. She also takes the time to create exercises tailored to areas that I need to improve. In addition to the classes being enriching, they are brilliant fun and usually the hour flies by.

Thank you, Alice, for the wonderful classes!.


“Nelly is a fantastic teacher. She constantly creates useful and interesting content which makes learning French so much fun. I find myself drawn to incorporating a daily dose of Nelly’s teachings into my routine. It’s such a joy to learn French with her. I highly recommend it to anyone learning French”

Mexico - New-York

"It took only a few sessions with Nelly for me to make more progress than I had in years. She adapted herself to my particular needs and prepared me for the Dalf.

She’s also a wonderful person, by far the best teacher I’ve had.”


"Nelly m'a aidé à me préparer à un entretien d'embauche en français. Je suis vraiment satisfait de coaching que j'ai reçu de Nelly. Elle m'a aidé sur ma prononciation, la grammaire et la vocabulaire.
Je recommande vivement !"


Working with Nelly has been great because she provides me with constant guidance, revisions and challenges to improve my French.  At the same time, I am always learning something new during her lessons.

I am completely satisfied that the program Nelly provides is adjusted to my level and to my interests for learning French. Nelly is also very professional, diligent and communicable, so it’s a pleasure to keep working with her.


"I feel very fortunate to have found Nelly for private French lessons. Since I am also a teacher(professor of physics) I truly appreciate all the effort Nelly puts in her teaching.

She integrates interesting cultural and social topics in her teaching to help her students to better understand French culture as part of the learning process. Her ability to detect and correct areas of improvement is remarkable. She makes the learning process very enjoyable.

She is one of the best teachers I've ever worked with."


"Nelly, J'espère que tu vas bien. Je voulais t'écrire pour dire que j'ai reçu mon passeport français hier !

Il y a presque 2 ans que j'ai commencé mes études pour le TCF avec l'objectif d'obtenir la citoyenneté française.

Merci pour toute ton aide !"


"Thank you Alice, for the many lessons we shared.  I learned lots.  My ultimate goal was to improve my French conversation skills.  I liked how you listened and let me complete sentences in French without interruption. This taught me rhythm and gave me the confidence that I could communicate effectively in French. I feel more confidence in my ability to speak the language.  Thank you again for your professionalism.  I really appreciate your French teaching skills.